Here it is, autumn, and I haven’t written since spring time. We’ve been busy with first grade, and adjusting to new schedules which include twice weekly karate for the boy. Karate was suggested to us by the doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital, so we took their advice and enrolled him this summer.

For a little six year old boy, karate an hour after school lets out, can be a little too much. See, he tends to need to let off steam at that hour, and getting suited up in his ghee, and following rigid instructions can be difficult for him, and me. I sit and cringe as I see him be corrected for the umpteenth time; all the while knowing this is for the best. The Sensi told me to keep the bigger picture in mind, and I’m trying. We did have a breakthrough last week.

The seven year olds who have a green belt or higher are involved in sparring. My little one saw the children getting suited up last week after class, and asked the Sensi about it. He also asked if we could watch for a bit. This happened again yesterday. The fascination on his face was hard to miss – he sat, and sat still, for well over 15 minutes watching. Any parent of a child with ADHD will know what a feat that is for a wiggly six year old. I think karate may be turning from a chore, into something he is excited for. As a mom, that’s quite rewarding to witness.

School seems to be going much better this year. No separation anxiety, no notes home, only one trip to the principal’s office so far. Communication with school is going well too; hoping to get a better grasp of the 504 plan as a parent, but expect that will come with time.

So much of this is so dry, it’s often hard to remember there’s a sweet little boy at the bottom of all of it. Instead, we are treated at times, as if we are just another number. However, upon dropping him off or picking him up? I am met with different teachers and specialists who all know my boy by name. And I’m reminded daily of why we chose this school system, versus the one we are districted to. The size difference alone was worth the school choice application. Seeing his work come home, and how well he’s reading and writing confirms this choice. He is in a co-taught classroom this year, and I think that’s making a world of difference for his confidence. That, and his best friend is in his class! I don’t have a defeated, frustrated little boy anymore. I have a confident, curious little man, who loves learning. I couldn’t ask for more.

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