Writing is therapeutic to me, as you can probably tell from my entries. Many who surround me often worry I’m putting too much out there into cyberspace for the world to see, but I’m a firm believer that if it helps one other person on the edge, then it has served it’s purpose.

Peaks and valleys are part of bipolar disorder, and they currently are incredibly high and lowest of the lows, while I work out this treatment thing. I try to keep some equilibrium by writing; be it in a journal, or on this blog. I often find myself sitting down to get the thoughts out, and find with the blog less than 30 minutes have passed till I find something worthy of posting.

I’m not bragging, I’m putting this out there to the blogosphere to find out if others feel the same. I follow many blogs with similar interests and goals, and am impressed by the sheer variety to be found on WordPress. I read of shame, shoulds, and coulds last night… and it was something which I needed – and poof – there it was. A reminder that just because my mind tells me “I should” doesn’t mean it’s the truth. “Shoulds, coulds, and the shame my mind places on my life could be the downfall of the shred of sanity I have at this moment; IF I allow them to.

So from this moment forward, I hope to challenge these “Shoulds, coulds and shame”, allowing myself the forgiveness I grant so freely to others. Life is a work in progress I like to say, and I’m really working hard… but never seem to realize how hard I have been on myself…

So who is with me? Out with the shame. In with the forgiveness. Peace.

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