a speaker changed life

We were gifted a Bose. It connects to an older iPod I have had kicking around, and have been using lately since my phone died. I never really understood all the hype. Now? I do.

See with the bipolar disorder, (or maybe it’s just part of me, not part of anything else) sometimes music is what gets me out of myself. I can put music on (loud), and clean or cook; usually both.

I remember being young and getting lost in painting, with loud music, homefries, and family, at my aunt’s art studio. I don’t remember my age, but I do remember the Talking Heads, paint, and just being able to create.

That’s how dinner’s feel with the right music on. Not following a recipe, but following what feels right from years of following the countless recipes from the standard cookbooks and shows.

I remember being a child with winter afternoons spent with my father enjoying music a little more loud than mom would like playing, while creating some delicious warm meal in our L shaped crab kitchen, as my uncle named it. I was allowed to turn up the songs I liked, and have continued that with my son. Currently, he seems to enjoy Pink Floyd, Houndmouth (knows all the words), Gordon Lightfoot and ACDC. We cover the bases in our house.

The sound quality out of this little speaker is like none other. The bass is one I can feel… it meets all the requirements and then some.

My most used coping skill right now are my headphones. I guess it’s good to have the option to share with the others in my family. Having the time this morning to turn it up while cleaning up the explosion left in the wake of a 5 1/2 year old? Priceless Valentine’s Day gift for this introvert. The house got clean, too.

One thought on “a speaker changed life

  1. My husband got one of those Amazon Alexa thingies for Xmas, and I’ve been using the hell out of it for music. If a song pops in my head “Alexa, play Social Distortion Mommy’s Little Monster” and it appears. It’s magic. He barely uses it, so of course it’s now mine.


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