the simple things

Life is so full of surprises, so full of joy, if the time is taken to pause and reflect.

Something as simple as a trip to the library can be such a fun family outing. Today we went to the children’s library. We traveled through books about the ocean, shipwrecks, backyard bugs, and some fun joke books. Puzzle time, dinosaur walks, and an “I Spy” game throughout the library.

Today was the first day my five year old was able to check books out himself, with his own library card. We chose 3 books together, and 3 DVD’s for downtime. “The Goonies”, “Flight of the Navigator”, and “The Muppets Take Manhattan” came home with us. Fun for all 3 of us, as the movies are all ones which my husband and I remember so fondly from our childhoods.

Money is tight, so we are making the best of it. What a priceless resource our libraries are! Next week the local one is offering PJ parties for elementary students with movies; and craft day once a week afterschool, as well as Lego club. All these events are free, and things which we hope to participate.

I grew up blessed with a grandmother who was a librarian at the school her children went to. I have many fond memories of her reading to the students, and letting me, young me, at a preschool age, sit and listen to the stories she told so vividly. My favorite were, and still are the Dr. Seuss books. She is able to make them come to life; I see the words jump out of the page and put into action through her voice. Watching her hold my son on her lap while she read “What Pet Should I Get?” was one of the best gifts of last year.

I am hoping to create a love of libraries and reading in my son, just like I was given at the same age. Libraries and the treasures which they hold can transport us across space and time, and best of all, they are free. Be sure to thank a librarian next time you’re there.


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