Hellos and goodbyes

I have never been good with greetings, or leavings.

Especially the permanent ones.

I’m remembering the days…

For a while we were on the rinse and repeat beach schedule. Once we all get into the get to the beach groove- we are good.

We see our summer family at least five times each summer. And we know we all sometimes need space; and we have always been in sync enough to know when those times are.

It is a true gift to be able to give my son a full day at the beach: fresh fruit, salty snacks and ice cold lemonade. Sandy fists filled with watermelon and juicy cantaloupe… the scent of fresh melon mixing with the cool sea scents … with the occasional whiff of sunscreen. The sun, warm and bright, necessitating sunglasses.

Listening, hearing the repetitive “shhhhaaaaaa” as the waves roll in and out. Watching the sandpipers race the sea; remember the giggles of joy that provided for years?

And the walks. We would grab a pail, the little one and most of the adults. As a group, we comb the pebbles, and shallow tide pools; searching for crabs, starfish and snails. We all learned about the sea here: with Turtle Rock, Train Rock and Moms Rock. There’s the slides where many a new suit was ruined when the tide was just right.

The most fun is when the floats come out. Or the kayaks.

Our friend who has passed on, was always so gentle, so respectful of my wishes and my sons. He never argued. Nodded consent.

He was one of those people who made you feel like you were the only person in the world who mattered. Those people are few, and so very very valuable.

Especially to me and my little boy.

Sometimes we both have a hard time being heard. Never with him. He leaves a large family. I hope they find peace, knowing what a kind man he was, what a mark he left up in this zip code.

My husband did this poor mama’s heart a favor and let our son know he was sick, and in the hospital.

My little one? “Mama, I want to make art a card. And I have to put a plane on it because he works on planes as an engineer.” ❤️

I am so sad. Just be peaceful.

The parting glass – sinead O’Connor

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