My five year old asked innocently, “what is heaven?” yesterday afternoon, out of the blue.

I let my mother have a go at it first, and she did an amazing job.

Mom: “have you ever known someone to pass away? A person, animal, or something?”

Him: “you mean die? Well, me and papa saw a frog who didn’t make it across the road, so we buried him. It was sad.”

Mom: “yes, exactly. That frog passed away, or passed on from this life. Now, he is living happily up in heaven, keeping a watchful eye on his family and friends.”

Him: “oh, I get it!”

Four or five hours later, we received word a close family friend is on life support.

He is a summer uncle to my little one. They have always had a close bond; both are serious and studious. This summer uncle showed my little one so much. How to study the sea, the tide pools, the sand. He floated my son out to the true treasure tide pools. Most of all, he listened to my son. He showed him patience. (Put a handful of us women on the beach together with coffee and magazines… good luck getting a word in).

Many, many times over the past five years? I’d find him playing with my son; digging, playing trucks, studying the night sky. He gave my son some of the coolest beach treasures, from our summer beach to Hawaii and back. And the stories- amazing stories he shared with the little one.

We are truly blessed. We live by the sea, with four seasons; there is always something to make us smile in nature. We also have summer family; now in its fourth generation on Pebble Beach. That summer family made a part of me; and has made a part of my son. My heart hurts; heavy with pain for this summer family.

Give hugs. Appreciate being here. ❤

Seasick Dream Jack Johnson

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