Little man

We have had a whirlwind week.

Sprout started kindergarten on Tuesday. He did phenomenal.

Each day, he comes home; overflowing with happiness and new experiences.

The first night? He whispered to me as I finished up the last of five carefully chosen books: “mama? At school? When we have lunch in the cafeteria, there’s CHOCOLATE MILK. Maybe you could pack me a lunch, and leave my juice box out?”

Now, before disparaging comments begin… this little boy is okay on chocolate milk. We’ve figured this piece out. He can handle the sugar in chocolate, especially when mixed with a dairy product. It’s the high fructose corn syrup; the skittles, gummy bears, etc… where he gets hyperactive and out of control. Plus, when comparing the ingredients, the milk is much more healthy.

One of the best tips thus far? To have protein when our brains get too jumpy; too difficult to focus. Milk = protein.

This little one? Who has such a hard time with transitions, and that laundry list those specialists wrote about? He’s been my idol this week.

Greeting each day with a smile, hugs and some impressively profound thoughts and observations. He’s making new friends, playing with old friends; and making his own place in the world.

The little boyo, the one it broke me in pieces to leave, at 18 months, at first day of daycare in December of 2013? He grew up, so very, very fast.

Just today, day 4, my first pick up at the after school program; every single person; adult, student, support staff- knew him by name, and greeted him with a smile, too. To bear witness to this… I don’t think I can find the words to describe that kind of joy.

I guess the best way I can explain it… it felt like a balloon attracted all the anxiety I’ve been carrying… and it floated off.

I watched until it disappeared. Ever hopeful it stays out past the horizon.


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