Two long years, spent filled with worry; trying with every ounce of my soul to figure out what my son needed… a move to a fresh preschool, focused on nature… so many tiny adjustments that really did make a difference. The most important? Allowing him time to express himself, letting him know he IS heard. 

We have arrived, summer before kindergarten. Life is changing. I no longer have a little one who needs help with eating, toileting, etc. I have a little boy. A helpful one; holds the door for me, carries the groceries, picks up his toys! He has a wonderful soul, heart and mind. He is so eager to please; and that is such a beautiful thing. 

We (well he) was accepted into the ideal school through school choice. This, alone, will make a world of difference for all of us. The support offered there, plus a significantly smaller school will allow him to blossom. We still have some major work in front of us; however it is manageable. This, I can do. 

We are quite blessed. And I don’t take any of it for granted. 

I have always believed people are placed in our lives for a reason. 

From my job, working as first contact for clients and families with different abilities; to all the friends I’ve made there (plus the many inservices, where I’ve learned of so many supports!); to my own personal experience growing up with a sister who went through SPED… and advocating for her once she became an adult. 

Truly, the one person I think made the most impact on all three of us, is my son’s preschool teacher. She made all of this possible; and from a loving place. 

She recognized the difference in my son’s intellectual abilities, and social emotional abilities. And from that loving place, recommended we have him tested. Not to have him labeled; but to protect his self esteem, to nurture his curiosity, to allow him to succeed in the best possible manner through his public schooling. I am so grateful that I cannot find the correct words to describe it. 

My heart is full. 

Family has also been a huge source of support. Always there for us. With a listening ear, loving heart, and advice when requested. 

My sister? She is another one, an amazing old soul. She may be differently abled, but she alone has provided the understanding my son needed. She has a beautiful heart, and shares important skills with my son. She taught him to pause, take a deep breath or two, and count to ten, when frustrated. I see him doing that, often. So many little things which she has shared, have helped him while we were in the waiting stages for answers, over the past year. 

I can’t forget my mother. The one who has been there, done this, and is still doing this. She taught me what strength and perseverance are all about. From the days where my sister was two, and not diagnosed properly at our local hospital, and getting sicker by the day… she decided my sister needed better care; and moved her to one of the top children’s hospitals in the world.  Because we fight for the best. If it’s not right? Don’t accept it for your child; find better. I’ve witnessed her do this countless times over my life, for the both of us. And I’m learning how myself; finding that strength internally, to advocate for what my child needs. 

And, I must mention my husband here. I’ve misinterpreted his quiet, introspective nature; as not caring. We have fought, and had some very difficult times over the past year. Parenting is the most difficult job I’ve ever had; and being on the same page is imperative. Well, we have arrived there, together. I’m so thankful for him. My love has multiplied; we are a team. 

I’m pursuing becoming an educational advocate. For this girl, who could never complete a degree- tried four times- it all makes sense. The universe had not yet given me the guidance I needed. I hear it now. 

I’m filled with love, and hope for what lays ahead. Today, I’m just going to bask in the positivity which surrounds us. Reflect on how it all really has worked out thus far. I’m in awe. 

Time to go play 💜

One thought on “Hope…

  1. “The most important? Allowing him time to express himself, letting him know he IS heard.” OMG, yes! I remember that feeling as a kid (and adult, let’s be honest!) of the words just piling up until they HAD to be said. We need to be heard…

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