ripple effect

There is an embarrassing and unwelcome piece of life when coming down from a manic episode. Well, there's many, but I want to concentrate on the one causing me most trouble these days. My motivation to complete my activities of daily living (ADL's) is nonexistent. I was unaware until my last therapy and psychiatric appointment … Continue reading ripple effect



Writing is therapeutic to me, as you can probably tell from my entries. Many who surround me often worry I'm putting too much out there into cyberspace for the world to see, but I'm a firm believer that if it helps one other person on the edge, then it has served it's purpose. Peaks and … Continue reading writing

PJ Leggings, eyeliner and Dr. Martens

"I'm stabilising." I said with conviction. "Are you sure about that?" he asked with doubt in his voice. I glanced down... pajama leggings, Dr. Martens, and thick black eyeliner. Color theme of shirt, sweater and leggings - black and gray. "Perhaps not." I said suppressing a laugh. Mentally I am feeling more close to level, … Continue reading PJ Leggings, eyeliner and Dr. Martens